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A. Greco Automotive specializes in European cars

STUART - One of the Treasure Coast's most specialized car mechanics have taken a step into the world of technology. The efforts of A. Greco's Automotive Service are designed to
give customers easier access to their services and vehicles, and the owners now tout a new website and Facebook page to offer better and newer ways to connect with them.

"We revised our web page and we've brought it to the 21st century, basically so it's more user-friendly and customers can have direct contact with us through the web page if they want to email us with any questions," said Domenick Greco, who serves as service manager with his father, Tony, who has owned and operated the business since 2002. "We have a page for comments and contacts and everything like that.

"We also just set up a Facebook page and we're going to start posting pictures and offer a spot where people can answer any frequently-asked-questions and we will be happy to reply. We just want to be more interactive with our customer base"

The website is located at www.agrecoautomotive.com and the Facebook page is found at www.facebook.com/agrecoautomotive.
Domenick Greco said his father likes the new technology and appreciates the way it can reach people all along the Treasure Coast. "The thing that inspired the new design was simplicity," Domenick Greco said. "The only thing he (Tony) doesn't like about it is that it doesn't play the Frank Sinatra (like the old website)."

And while European cars can be a task to fix, even for many mechanics, A. Greco's Automotive Service gets them up and running as though it is second nature. The company works on all makes and models and provides maintenance, repair and some detailing and modifications if the need exists. They also work on tires, rims and other services.

The family opened its original company on Key Biscayne in 1982, and when the Greco family moved to the area in the early 2000s they looked forward to continuing their excellent track record for maintenance. The reason they left South Florida was due to the unbearable nature of overcrowding in Dade and Broward counties, and they have been happy with the move.

Domenick Greco said the business is growing by the month. "It's great up here, we love the Treasure Coast," Domenick said. "It reminds us of what it used to be like on Key Biscayne 20 years ago."

A. Greco has two full-time master mechanics/technicians and one detailer and Domenick said they have a solid reputation for providing a fast turnaround on services.

The family has been in the automotive industry since the 1970s and they love it, which makes each day at the office a pleasure. A. Greco offers a variety of specials, including one currently in Hometown News for a free battery check with the ad. The Grecos pride themselves on giving customers all the information they need to arrive at the right decision and walk them step-by-step through the operation and maintenance of their automobiles, and the new technology can help them provide better services. They are offering a free fluid and tire check for all their customers.

With any maintenance on European cars, such as an oil change, the company also offers a free car wash. With summer upon us, the Grecos
also have a new air conditioning diagnostic machine that is state-of-the-art and are encouraging people to get theirs checked during the heat. They also have the best available computer based diagnostic technology to ensure automobiles are quickly and accurately evaluated.

"We have a lot of regular customers," Domenick Greco said. "We have folks come in from all over the area, including some who come up from
Hobe Sound and down from Port St. Lucie.

"But our motto is that we are 'Your automotive dealership alternative,' in the areas of repair and service." The company is located at 1410 SE
Ocean Blvd. and can be reached at (772) 283-2227 or www.agrecoautomotive.com. The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday
through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

A. Greco's European Automotive

Your Automotive Dealership Alternative

This month we are proud to feature one of the founding sponsors
of Sewall’s Point Living, A. Greco’s European Automotive. A. Greco's is a family-owned and operated business that has established a reputation for outstanding customer service, quality repairs, and competitive pricing. Old-fashioned quality service is such a rarity, but at A. Greco's, it’s their way of doing business!
A. Greco's European Automotive
In the past several years, the automobile has turned into a complex piece of precision engineered equipment, built for high speed and strenuous use. The time in which any mechanic could properly repair a car, especially one of the new European vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Land Rover, Mini Copper), has passed.

A. Greco’s is a full-service preventive maintenance and automotive repair center. They service and repair all foreign and domestic vehicles. You can bring in your auto, SUV or pickup with complete confidence that your vehicle will be serviced or repaired correctly the first time.

Worried about the factory warranty on your new car?
Don't be! They have the staff, skills, training and equipment necessary to perform all required maintenance on your new vehicle while maintaining your warranty.

We met with the owners, Tony and Dominick, to find out more about who they are and what drove them to the automotive industry. Their story is truly an example of the American dream!

Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area? Tell us about your family.
Tony – I was born in Bronx New York and moved to Florida in 1981.
Domenick – I grew up in Key Biscayne, Florida. I spent 17 years on Key Biscayne and the past 14 years on the Treasure Coast. I have a very loving and supportive family consisting of 3 brothers and 1 sister. I am a Single father of my three-year-old girl…Elvyra Rose.

Tell us about the event that led up to where you are now.
Tony – There was a great business opportunity to bring automotive excellence to Stuart Florida.
Domenick – I grew up in the automotive industry. My father used to own the business on Key Biscayne and I always wanted to work in this industry.

What is your business and how/why did you start your business?
Tony –We offer service, maintenance, and repairs for all vehicles… since 1972. We specialize in European vehicles, but also have the knowledge, technology and tools to work on virtually every type of vehicle.
Domenick – My father started the business and taught me the value of operating a family-owned business that cares about the customers, rather than just the profit margins.

What is unique about your business? What sets you apart from the rest?
Tony – The technology we employ is far superior to what most other repair shops in this area have. We can repair and maintain any vehicle at the same level, or better, than the dealer. While most dealers focus on the upsale and the cross sale in order to boost their profits, we still focus on what the vehicle needs in order to keep it operating as intended.
Domenick – We are a family business that specializes in European vehicle repair. We have the technology, honesty and integrity to perform the correct services while maintaining a hometown feel.

Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice can you offer to the residents?
Tony – Do your homework when searching for a trusted mechanic. While many dealers tell their customers that only they can service their vehicles, we would never mislead a customer. Having your vehicle serviced or repaired by a licensed mechanic will not void the manufacturer’s warranty. We are qualified to repair and maintain your vehicle without any risk of voiding a warranty.
Domenick – Always stay on top of the recommended maintenance. Check your tires at least once per month…we’ll actually do it for you at no charge! Don’t let just anyone work on your vehicle, and keep in mind that the lowest price is rarely an indicator of the best quality.

What else should be know about you, your family, or your business?
Tony –We appreciate your business and and thrive to be the best and most up to date repair facility in Stuart.
Domenick – We appreciate your trust. We are a family owned business that treats it’s customers as family. We’re always here
to help!

A. Greco’s provides a wonderful home-town feel to all their customers. It’s very refreshing to be able to work with a business that knows their customers by name and truly cares about each and every client. They employ state of the art technology, knowledge and integrity to provide all the maintenance and repairs today’s vehicles require. They also offer free pick up and delivery services for all Sewall’s Point residents. They’ll even clean your vehicle before returning it to you!
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